Nose Cancer Types

Nose Cancer

Nose Cancer

Are you suffering from pimples on your nose that are still growing or gradually growing after being tiny for a long time? If so, please visit a doctor because it might be nose cancer. Nose cancer can happen because of several reasons like sunlight or serious allergy.


Nose cancer can lead your three fourths of your body to be affected with skin cancer. This starts from the upper layer of the nose skin and it can spread to other lower parts of the nose. The bone of the nose can also be affected because of this. Treating this type of cancer should be started as soon as possible.


Nose cancer has two main types called melanoma and non-melanoma. Further it can be classified into three types called basal skin cancer, squamous-cell cancinoroma and the third one is of other non-melanoma cancers. Basal cancer grows eventually and spreads to other parts of the nose. It can be due to sunlight. It can also be caused by sunburn of which those in the young generation get more affected than adults. It can also be caused of weak immune system, ultra violet rays, sensitive skin and old age.  Besides these factors, family history of skin cancer can also be one cause. It is better to avoid sun during its peak times. Squamous-cell cancinoroma is similar to basal cancer but the effects are different. Both cancers can be treated with surgical operations. The third classification, non-melanoma cancers, primarily affects the nose and face as well. This type of cancer is very dangerous if it spreads to the nose and other parts of face.


If you notice these symptoms and think that you have skin cancer on the nose, see a doctor immediately to have it evaluated. Nose cancer can be cured completely if treatment starts at early stages.


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